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Welcome to GBL LAB. Here you can buy GBL Cleaner with a purity of 99.9%. Cleanliness determines the quality and efficiency of Gamma-butyrolactone, which is confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world as well as laboratory tests.

NO leaking bottles in our GBL shop

An important feature of our GBL shop is the constant control and improvement of the quality of products. Currently, each bottle of GBL Cleaner has a double leakage protection system, which ensures the safety of your purchased Gamma-butyrolactone during the transportation.


GBL Cleaner can be used in various areas: removing varnish, paints, graffiti, cleaning wheel rims, removing nail polish, and much more. You do not need GBL Cleaner of maximum concentration for the performance of some works; in this case, it can be diluted with water at a ratio of 1/5 and it will not lose its cleaning properties. This will allow Gamma-butyrolactone to be used more economically. We are proud of every customer of our GBL shop, among which there are both small companies and large industrial and pharmacological producers.

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Buy GBL in our GBL shop and get your order fast and save. Delivery services of our GBL Cleaner are carried out by such companies as DPD, UPS, TNT that guarantee the quality and reliability of the services provided.
We are sure that you will like our product. GBL LAB – your professional supplier.

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