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GBL Cleaner Basic info: Gamma-Butyrolactone Alias: Gamma Butyrolactone, 1, 4- Butyrolactone, γ -Butyroladone, GBL. 

Purity : 99.0%

Melting Point:-44°C

CAS: 96-48-0

Refractive Index: nd20 :1.434~1.440

Density 1.12 g/mL at 25 ° C(lit. )

Storage temp. 2-8° C

Personal protection Safety glasses, adequate ventilation.

Attention! Not for consumption and could be Deadly if consumed.


– removes most paints and graffiti

– removes oil stains, removes enamel

– cleaning of printed circuit boards

– removes oil stains

– viscosity modifier

– cleaning alloy wheels removes nail polish

– removal of resin and bitumen

– removes glue

– removes rust,

– crop protection agents

– Hazard identification

Weight3400 g

2 reviews for Regular 2500 ml GBL Cleaner (Gamma-butyrolactone 99,0%)

  1. Warkre Br.

    The courier couldn`t find my house an hour!

    • GBL_LAB

      Hello Mr. Warkre Br. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for inconvenient situation. We`ve sent you discount code 10% for you next order. Best wishes!

  2. Paul Nitz

    Thank you for your service!

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